VIDEO! Shock as woman who has a certificate in Fashion and Design Works in Mengo Clinic as a Pharmacist

In a surprising turn of professional trajectories, a woman in Kampala, Uganda, has become the talk on social media as she reveals her journey from the world of fashion to a role as a pharmacist at St Mark Clinic in Mengo. The shocking revelation has left netizens intrigued and questioning conventional career paths.

The unnamed woman armed with a certificate in Fashion and Design, holds a role as a pharmacist, a field she claims to have learned not through formal education but through connections.

In the viral video, the woman says, "Uganda is about connections." She attributes her surprising career move to networking and being in the right circles, particularly around a one Dr. Mugerwa. While she admits to lacking formal education in pharmacy, she insists that her experience stems from absorbing knowledge by being around healthcare professionals.

"I learnt pharmacy through being around Dr. Mugerwa, though I never studied it,"

She, boldy, asserts that her extended period as a patient at various clinics has equipped her with insights and skills of pharmacy comparable to those acquired through formal education.

Social Media reacts;

Ugandan patients are at risk, people's lives ahhhh. What's NDA doing these people with big names are not approached during their field search or money beats gonna😣? Kale I wish I was a minister😫!

ahaa and she doesn't see any problem with that. How does she prescribe medicine🤣🤣🤣. These Ugandan connections
I studied medicine but I also find it hard to dispense some drugs. Kati owa Gazaland for her became a pharmacist jut like that.
And just like that (connections, being treated at that clinic & being a daughter to the late Dr. ) she became a "pharmacist" .... gweeeee!!!!

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