VIDEO; NBS TV Anchor Zambali Boldly Declares Bobi Wine as His President at King Saha Show

 In a surprising and bold declaration, NBS TV anchor Zambaali Bulasio Mukasa took the stage at the King Saha show held at Hotel Africana on Friday to proclaim Bobi Wine as his president. The statement, made in front of an enthusiastic audience, conveyed a strong sense of conviction and garnered attention across social media platforms.

During the event, Zambali confidently declared, "Come what may, Bobi Wine is my president. I have said it here, no matter the consequences. I know I will reach home safe because Bobi Wine is my president." The statement echoed a sentiment of political allegiance and personal conviction, resonating with those in attendance.

The proclamation adds a new layer to the ongoing political discourse in Uganda, where public figures expressing political affiliations can carry significant weight. Zambali's bold stance has sparked discussions on social media, with supporters applauding his courage and critics questioning the appropriateness of such declarations in the entertainment sphere.

Zambali's declaration came during the King Saha show, where attendees were treated to an evening of entertainment and music. The unexpected political statement injected a moment of gravity into the festivities, leaving the audience with something to ponder beyond the music and performances.

As news of Zambali's proclamation circulates, it remains to be seen how the declaration will impact his public image and career. The entertainment industry has often become a platform for public figures to express their political views, and Zambali's statement reflects the intersection of entertainment and politics in the Ugandan context.



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