Tamale Mirundi Son Named Best Employee of the Year

Tamale John Mirundi (R) receiving his award from Deputy Speaker Rt Hon Thomas Tayebwa. Photo by Nile Post News

In a distinguished ceremony held at the Parliament of Uganda, Tamale John Mirundi, the Principal Legislative and Procedural Counsel and son to motor mouthed Tamale Mirundi Snr, has been acclaimed as the Employee of the Year for 2023. The prestigious award was presented by the Deputy Speaker, Rt. Hon Thomas Tayebwa, in recognition of Mirundi's exceptional contributions and outstanding performance in his role.

Tamale John Mirundi's role as the Principal Legislative and Procedural Counsel involves providing crucial legal and procedural expertise within the parliamentary framework. His dedication and competence have not only garnered the respect of his colleagues but have also positioned him as a key figure in the effective functioning of the legislative process.

The award ceremony, which acknowledged the best performers in Parliament for the year 2023, underscored the importance of recognizing and celebrating the exemplary efforts of individuals who play pivotal roles in the nation's legislative body. Tamale John Mirundi's commitment to his responsibilities and his impact on parliamentary proceedings were highlighted as key factors leading to his well-deserved recognition.

Deputy Speaker Rt. Hon Thomas Tayebwa, who presided over the award presentation, commended Tamale John Mirundi for his exceptional service and dedication to parliamentary affairs. The recognition of Mirundi as the Employee of the Year reflects the Parliament's commitment to acknowledging and appreciating the hard work and achievements of its staff.

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