Tamale Mirundi Boasts of Sophisticated Witchcraft

In a recent appearance on Ntinda-based Radio4, controversial Senior Presidential Advisor on Media, Joseph Tamale Mirundi, left listeners astounded as he boasted about his alleged proficiency in witchcraft. Mirundi claimed that he possessed the supernatural ability to make Supreme Court Justice Elizabeth Musoke dance naked in a fully packed courtroom.

Mirundi recounted an incident where he was taken to court by former Works and Transport Permanent Secretary, Charles Muganzi, over defamation. According to Mirundi, the case was assigned to Justice Musoke when she was at the High Court. He asserted that he presented overwhelming evidence against Muganzi and was likely to win the case.

However, Mirundi claimed that Justice Musoke advised Muganzi to settle the matter out of court through mediation, leading to the withdrawal of the case. He warned that if Justice Musoke did not act wisely and attempted to follow the path of corrupt judges, he would use his alleged supernatural powers to teach her a lesson.

"I was going to make her dance naked in her own court using only Shs.2000. Never joke with me; I am deadly. That's why I defeated all my enemies who wanted me to die poor because they know a rich Mirundi is a nuclear bomb," Mirundi declared.

Mirundi cited an example involving veteran journalist Andrew Mwenda, claiming that he magically appeared in Mwenda's car, causing him to have a serious accident along the northern bypass. Mirundi asserted that, after the incident, Mwenda pleaded with doctors to save him from Mirundi, who he claimed was not visible to the medical professionals.

While making these sensational claims, Mirundi acknowledged that Justice Musoke is one of the cleanest judicial officers and suggested that she could serve as a suitable replacement for Justice Owiny Dollo as the female Chief Justice.

It's important to note that Mirundi's statements are controversial and lack any evidence to support his supernatural claims. The judiciary has not commented on the matter, and it remains to be seen how the public will react to Mirundi's extraordinary assertions.

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