Police Storm Molly Katanga's Treatment Room at IHK

Disturbing scenes unfolded at International Hospital in Kampala on Tuesday as police officers were alleged to have forcibly entered the operating theater during one of Molly Katanga's medical procedures. Ms. Katanga is currently facing murder charges related to the death of her husband, Henry Katanga.

Molly's legal representatives from Kampala Associated Advocates (KAA) penned a letter to the Principal Judge, expressing their concerns about the heavy police presence at the hospital, claiming that it impeded their client's access to necessary medical attention.

The lawyers accused the Uganda Police Force of demanding access to details of Molly Katanga's medical treatment, a request that reportedly contradicts provisions outlined in the Police Act and Data Protection Act. The letter specifically identified police officers Bob Kagarura and Wathum Beson, alleging that they had forcefully entered the hospital theater and even the Intensive Care Unit (ICU) on prior occasions.

According to the lawyers, these actions constitute a blatant violation of Molly Katanga's constitutional rights, including the right to life, privacy, and the presumption of innocence until proven guilty.

In response to these incidents, the legal team has urged the administrative head of the High Court to exercise constitutional administrative powers to prevent interference with Molly Katanga's medical treatment, care, and trial. They are also seeking clear directives on how the ongoing criminal proceedings should be conducted to prevent what they describe as a media trial fueled by leaks from the police to third parties.

This recent development follows previous petitions by Molly Katanga's legal team and her children to the Director of Public Prosecutions, expressing dissatisfaction with the handling of the investigation into Henry Katanga's death. The lawyers accused the police of collaborating with unscrupulous individuals and providing unauthorized access to case files.

The legal team further raised concerns about biased narratives in media reports, suggesting that certain outlets have access to police files, which could compromise the integrity of the investigation.

As Molly Katanga faces murder charges while dealing with severe injuries, her legal team emphasizes the importance of upholding her constitutional rights in this guided court process. They hope for judicial intervention to prevent the continued abuse of their client's rights as she awaits her court appearance scheduled for January 2024.

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