Police explains how kifeesi leader Sobi met his death


Paddy Sserunjogi, commonly known as Sobi, tragically met his end on Monday afternoon in Kibaale village, Kigumba parish, Maddu Sub-county, Gomba district. Residents reportedly attacked and fatally injured him, accusing him of forcefully taking over land.

Confirmation of Sobi's death was provided in the late evening by Katonga Regional Police Spokesperson, Superintendent of Police (SP) Majid Karim. He acknowledged the difficulties in obtaining accurate details surrounding the incident. Although there were unconfirmed reports of multiple casualties, only Sobi's death was officially verified.

The conflict that led to the tragic event stemmed from a dispute where Sobi's group allegedly damaged crops belonging to local residents. According to SP Karim, preliminary findings suggested that around 12:30 PM on the mentioned day, a group of 50 people armed with sticks, pangas, and spears attacked another group on a piece of land in Kibaale village. This resulted in the death of one person, identified as Sobi.

The underlying dispute centered around land owned by a person named Kalisa, acquired in 2007 for Shillings 100 million. After the seller, Paul Kibi, passed away, an outstanding balance of Shillings 80 million was left unpaid by Kalisa. Allegedly hired by Kalisa to protect the contested land, Sobi's group damaged crops, leading to tension with Kibi's children, Deborah Nagadiya and Bartin Kiwewa. The latter presented a legitimate title deed, indicating that Kalisa had not settled the remaining balance.

Legal proceedings were initiated, but before the case could be resolved, the second group brought individuals from Kampala Kisenyi to occupy and clear the land. During the clash on Monday, various items, including food, utensils, and structures, were destroyed. Sobi's body is currently undergoing a postmortem at Gomba Hospital Mortuary, while among his gang, Gerald Katumba, Andrew Mateka, and Dela Aliyu sustained severe injuries.

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