Police Driver knocks UPDF Officer and Voluntarily Turns Himself In

 A law enforcement officer, identified as Corporal Churchill Ocaya, has voluntarily presented himself to authorities at Pader Central Police Station following an incident where he is accused of hitting and killing Corporal Zadock Ojok, a member of the Uganda People's Defence Forces (UPDF) in Pader District. The tragic incident occurred on Friday.

The Apac District Police Commander, Rodgers Kapere, confirmed that Corporal Ocaya, who was driving a police patrol vehicle at the time of the incident, is currently at Pader Central Police Station. However, Kapere did not explicitly state whether the suspect has been detained.

According to Kapere, Corporal Ocaya is in the process of providing a statement, and authorities are conducting an investigation into the matter. The Inspector of Vehicles (IOV) from Lira District will be dispatched to assess the involved police vehicle to determine if there were any mechanical failures, particularly in the braking system. This assessment is crucial for the potential release of the vehicle.

Initial reports suggest that Corporal Ocaya, stationed at Apac Central Police Station, allegedly left his duty post on December 15 to transport his family to his village in Pader District. Notably, he used a police van and was reportedly armed with rifle number UG-POL.56 – 128110031, loaded with 60 rounds of ammunition during this unauthorized excursion.

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