Newly Constructed Gaba Bridge Collapses Amidst Heavy Rainfall

The newly constructed Gaba Bridge, a critical infrastructure project along the Ggaba-Bunga Road in Soya, has suffered a catastrophic collapse following the heavy downpour on Wednesday morning. The incident has raised concerns about the structural integrity of the bridge, which had recently undergone repairs in anticipation of the upcoming Non-Aligned Movement (NAM)-G77 summits scheduled for January 2024.

Dramatic photos from the scene depict the aftermath of the collapse, with a significant portion of the bridge submerged in water. The severity of the damage suggests potential challenges for the vital transportation artery, as the bridge serves as a crucial link to Kampala city.

The bridge's recent reconstruction was part of a comprehensive effort to enhance infrastructure in preparation for the NAM-G77 summits, which are expected to host a significant influx of international delegates. The collapse, however, has sparked questions about the adequacy of the repairs and the resilience of the infrastructure to withstand adverse weather conditions.

As authorities work diligently to address the aftermath of the collapse, questions linger about the impact on the upcoming NAM-G77 summits and the broader implications for infrastructure resilience in Kampala city.

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