Panic at Internal Affairs as Man Shows Up For Passport Application With Snake in Bag

 Chaos ensued at the internal affairs ministry when police and immigration officers discovered a large black cobra coiled inside the bag of an unidentified smartly dressed man at the entrance checkpoint. The startling incident led to panic not only among security personnel but also among guests waiting in line for security checks.

Eyewitnesses reported that several people in the queue fled in disbelief as ministry management took immediate action to address the situation. In response to the alarming discovery, the ministry has now implemented a ban on carrying bulky bags or any items deemed to pose a security risk within its premises.

Ministry spokesperson Simon Mundeyi addressed the media during a weekly joint security briefing at the Police headquarters in Naguru, a Kampala suburb. Mundeyi revealed that the security personnel at the checkpoint successfully handled the situation, preventing potential chaos at the ministry gate.

"Thankfully, our security personnel handled it; otherwise, it would have caused a problem at the ministry gate. The snake is a cobra, black in colour, coiled. We thank God that the security officer did not put the hand inside to try to check, but the snake was there," Mundeyi explained.

Expressing disbelief at the incident, Mundeyi questioned the rationale behind an individual bringing a snake in a large bag when seeking passport services at the ministry.

"I wonder how a sane Ugandan, who is coming to seek services of passports at the ministry, comes with a snake in a very huge bag. That is something that left us in shock," he added.

During the subsequent interrogation, the bag's owner claimed that the snake was his brother, a statement dismissed by ministry officials. Mundeyi emphasized that such behavior is not tolerated and urged visitors to adhere to the new security measures.

"Those are things we do not allow. So, please, if you are coming to the ministry to seek services, come with a small bag. If you have a snake or a pet, leave it somewhere or in the car before you approach the ministry's gate," Mundeyi concluded, highlighting the need for heightened security measures to prevent such incidents in the future.

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