Over 500 market Vendors using one toilet in Mbarara


Market vendors at the Koranorya daily market in Biharwe, Mbarara North Division of Mbarara City express concern over the declining sanitary conditions in their workplace. Ms. Kate Byaruhanga, the market chairperson, highlighted the issue, emphasizing that the market, accommodating 500 to 600 people, has only one toilet. She expressed worry about the potential for disease outbreaks, citing the impracticality of a single toilet for such a large population, despite ongoing complaints about the market's poor sanitation and hygiene.

On Friday, Ms. Byaruhanga pointed out the disproportionate impact on women, who face greater health risks due to their biological nature. She highlighted issues such as the lack of privacy and the heightened susceptibility of women to diseases like candida and syphilis. Despite previous complaints, there has been no improvement in the market's sanitation conditions.

Mr. Gumisiriza Kyabwisho, the City Deputy Mayor of Mbarara North Division, acknowledged the challenges faced by vendors and assured them that another toilet is currently under construction. While emphasizing the private management of the market, he urged vendors to uphold good sanitation practices as they await the completion of the additional toilet.

Market manager Mr. Suleiman Mayanja redirected inquiries to the City Clerk, Mr. Assy Abireebe, stating that he is the appropriate person to address the matter. Mr. Abireebe acknowledged the market's private management but emphasized the leaders' responsibility to ensure a healthy environment for the people. He pledged to take action to guarantee vendors access to proper sanitation and hygiene facilities, insisting that sufficient toilets be constructed and the market be well organized to prevent any health risks. Mr. Abireebe underscored the leaders' commitment to protecting

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