Museveni Ministers Protest Kampala Potholes

Over the weekend, two prominent Ugandan ministers, Rebecca Kadaga, the Minister for East African Affairs and First Deputy Prime Minister, and Hon Margaret Muhanga, the Minister of State for Primary Health Care, expressed their discontent on social media regarding the deplorable state of roads in the capital city, Kampala.

Minister Muhanga went to the extreme by threatening to embark on a hunger strike, pointing to the numerous giant potholes that have become a common sight on almost every street in the city. In a social media post, she questioned whether the potholes were "on promotion" and declared her intention to go on hunger strike the following week.

"I'm going on a hunger strike next week because of potholes, gullies, swimming pools, anthills, rivers, and lakes, etc., on every road. Are the potholes in Kampala on promotion nowadays?" she exclaimed.

Muhanga also drew attention to the stark contrast between the roads in Kampala and those in the countryside, emphasizing her frustration with the capital city's neglect.

"I am sick and tired of this city. I'm raising consciousness towards a better city for you to eat your money with a big spoon. Meanwhile, highways to most parts of the country with thousands of kilometers are super. A few in Kampala are," she remarked.

Responding to Muhanga's sentiments, Minister Kadaga echoed her concerns, describing her own locality in Makindye Division as the "headquarters of potholes and swimming pools." Their outcry was not limited to the ministers, as Dan Kidega, the former East African Legislative Assembly Speaker, also expressed disappointment, declaring his intention to join the protest against the disorganization in Kampala.

"I will join you! I am equally very disappointed. The level of disorganization in Kampala is unbelievable," said Kidega.

The ministers' complaints gained attention on social media, with some expressing confusion and frustration at their public outcry, questioning their role in resolving the issues they protest against.

The ministers' protests coincided with President Museveni's decision to deploy the Special Forces Command (SFC) to address the deteriorating road conditions in Kampala. The SFC Construction Regiment was assigned a Shs. 2 billion contract to repair approximately 3 kilometers of potholes in the central division.

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