MP Pens Letter to Museveni Seeking Shs1 Billion Bail Out

Andrew Joseph Koluo

Hon Andrew Joseph Koluo, the Member of Parliament representing Toroma Constituency in Katakwi district (Independent), has penned a letter to President Yoweri Museveni seeking a financial bailout of over 1 billion shillings. The letter, dated December 5th, outlines the MP's request for personal financial assistance to facilitate the construction of a house and settle outstanding loans.

In his letter, Hon Koluo points to a prior communication with Vice President Jesicca Alupo, who, according to the MP, pledged to convey his request to President Museveni. The MP claims that during the C-10 Summit in Equatorial Guinea, Vice President Alupo assured him that his concerns would be addressed upon her return.

The letter reads, "Your Excellency, I kindly request for above as per your communication to me while you were in Equatorial Guinea representing H.E the President, Yoweri Kaguta Museveni at the C-10 Summit. You assured me that my hands will be untied upon your return and you will whisper to H.E the President."

Hon Koluo goes on to promise unwavering support to President Museveni in the upcoming 2026 elections, seemingly linking his allegiance to the president with the financial assistance he is seeking.

The controversial appeal has sparked a mix of reactions from the public, with some expressing concern over the use of public office for personal gain. Critics argue that elected officials should prioritize serving their constituents rather than seeking personal financial bailouts.

The letter is addressed to Vice President Jesicca Alupo, implying that she is expected to act as an intermediary in conveying the MP's request to President Museveni. The timing of the request, amid economic challenges facing many Ugandans, has fueled discussions about the appropriateness of such appeals from elected officials.

As the news circulates, citizens and political commentators await responses from both President Museveni and Vice President Alupo, and the incident is likely to remain a focal point of public discourse in the days to come.

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