Mortuary Attendants Dump Two Decomposing Corpses at Luweero Town Council Offices In Protest of Non-payment

Staff members arriving at Luweero Town Council this morning were greeted by a disturbing sight and an overwhelming stench after mortuary attendants took drastic measures to protest the non-payment of their wages and perceived disrespect from the authorities.

The protest, orchestrated by mortuary attendants, involved the dumping of two decomposing corpses at the offices of Luweero Town Council. The macabre demonstration was intended to draw attention to the dire financial situation faced by these essential workers, who claim to have been left without salaries for an extended period.

The disturbing incident unfolded as employees entered the premises, and the heavy stench quickly drew attention to the gruesome display. Local authorities and law enforcement were promptly called to the scene to manage the situation.

The mortuary attendants, in a statement issued later in the day, expressed frustration over what they perceive as a lack of respect and negligence towards their financial concerns. The decision to bring the issue to the forefront in such a morbid manner reflects the desperation faced by these workers who play a critical role in handling deceased individuals with dignity and respect.

The Luweero Town Council administration, caught off guard by the unexpected protest, has yet to issue an official response. Local authorities are now faced with the dual challenge of addressing the wage concerns of the mortuary attendants and managing the fallout from the shocking demonstration.

Residents in the area, as well as staff members at Luweero Town Council, are grappling with the aftermath of this unsettling protest. The incident has ignited discussions about the broader issues of employee welfare and the need for open channels of communication to address grievances before they escalate to such extreme measures.

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