Lyca Mobile Speaks Out; We are not Going Anywhere

Lycamobile Uganda has categorically denied recent social media reports suggesting an imminent exit from the Ugandan telecommunications market. The UK-based Lycamobile Group, which made its foray into Uganda in January 2020 amid pandemic-induced lockdowns, launched its commercial services in April of the same year. Notably, the company earned a reputation for providing some of the most budget-friendly data bundles in the country.

Despite its competitive offerings, Lycamobile Uganda has faced considerable challenges, particularly in terms of network outages. These persistent disruptions have fueled speculation and concerns among consumers regarding the company's future in the Ugandan market. Responding to these rumors, Lycamobile Uganda clarified that the company remains committed to the Ugandan market and is actively addressing the technical issues causing the service interruptions.

Lycamobile Uganda's statement emphasized their dedication to delivering reliable and affordable telecommunication services to the Ugandan population. The company assured its customers that steps are being taken to enhance network stability and ensure an uninterrupted user experience. While acknowledging the challenges, Lycamobile Uganda remains optimistic about overcoming the hurdles and continuing to contribute to Uganda's telecom landscape. The company urged its customers and stakeholders to stay confident in its long-term presence and commitment to providing accessible communication services.

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