HENRY KATANGA MURDER: Prime Suspect Molly Katanga Fails to Appear in Court

Henry Katanga's sister Naome holding a placard calling Molly a "murderer on the loose"

Nakawa Magistrates Court witnessed a surprising turn of events on Monday when Molly Bunanukye Katanga, the central figure in the murder case of Henry Katanga, failed to appear despite a criminal summons issued by Director of Public Prosecution (DPP) Jane Frances Abado.

Charged with the murder of her husband, Molly was directed by the DPP to make a court appearance on December 4. However, to the dismay of the deceased's relatives, she was notably absent from the proceedings.

The criminal summons for Molly and her daughter Martha Katanga have been extended to December 8. Both Molly and Martha had been charged but were exempted from immediate imprisonment due to Molly's reported injuries at IHK and Martha's recent childbirth at a city hospital.

Despite these circumstances, their absence from court on the specified date has raised questions and concerns among legal experts and the public. The lack of a clear explanation for Molly's non-appearance has created uncertainty around the unfolding legal proceedings.

The trial has gained significant attention, given Molly's status as the prime suspect in the murder case. The absence of the key figure in court has left many wondering about the potential impact on the trial's progression.

The murder of Henry Katanga, who was fatally shot in the head on November 2 at their residence in Mbuya, has led to a complex legal battle. Molly Katanga's presence in court is considered crucial for the trial's development, and her non-attendance has introduced an unexpected twist in the ongoing legal saga.

The reasons behind her failure to appear remain undisclosed, adding further intrigue to the case.


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  1. Had she been from another region by now would be on handcuffs LORD have mercy on banyankore


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