KATANGA MURDER: Grandmother wants Martha Katanga to Breastfeed from Luzira not IHK, Claims they are not Katanga's Biological Children

Mirieli Kyobuhoro, the 90-year-old mother of the slain Mbuya-based money lender Henry Katanga, has expanded her legal team to include notorious Kampala lawyer and former Minister Mwesigwa Rukutana, alongside Frank Kanduho and Paul Kutesa.

This effort aims to secure justice for her son, who was shot dead in his bedroom on November 2nd. Mirieli, who secured a court order regarding her son's burial, expressed her concerns about the ongoing Criminal Investigations Department (CID) probe in a 5-page letter to Director of Public Prosecutions (DPP) Jane Frances Abodo. She fears her exclusion from the investigation could lead to a miscarriage of justice, questioning the motives of those collaborating with the investigators.

The elderly woman is dissatisfied with the involvement of her daughter-in-law Molly Bananukye and her three children (Arthur, Martha, and Patricia Katanga) as complainants, arguing they lack genuine interest in uncovering the truth.

Mirieli demands a prosecution-led investigation, highlighting her disputes over the biological relationship of the children. She contends that only the 12-year-old Siima would pass the test to instruct the CID and state prosecutor but acknowledges the legal challenges due to Siima's minor status.

The elderly woman further insists that the Director of Public Prosecutions (DPP) should demonstrate seriousness and provide clarification regarding the continued stay of Molly Bananukye Katanga and her breastfeeding daughter, Martha Katanga, at IHK Hospital.

In her explicit terms, she questions why they are residing there when, according to her understanding, they should be transferred to Luzira Prison. She notes that Luzira Prison also offers excellent health facilities, ensuring they can continue receiving necessary medical care if their health condition demands it. Additionally, she points out that Martha, her granddaughter, who is already facing charges alongside her mother, wouldn't be the first lactating mother to be remanded at Luzira.

The grandmother seeks an audience with the DPP to share information and insists that her legal team be allowed unrestricted access to evidence. She emphasizes the need for more accomplices to be apprehended and added to the charge sheet, expressing her concerns about the ongoing legal battle involving the widow and her children.

Mirieli Kyobuhoro maintains that Molly Bananukye and her children cannot represent the interests of the deceased Henry Katanga, pushing for the DPP to work closely with her and other family members qualified to stand as complainants in the case.

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