How Notorious Kifeesi Leader Sobi Was Killed in Gomba Land Dispute

The Territorial Police in Gomba District is conducting an investigation into the circumstances surrounding the death of Paddy Sserunjogi, widely known as Sobi, who met his demise in a violent clash linked to a land dispute in Kibaale village.

On Monday, around 12:30 PM, an armed group of 50 individuals attacked another group claiming ownership of a piece of land reportedly owned by Kalisa. The altercation resulted in a fatal outcome, with Sobi, leading one of the groups, losing his life. Preliminary findings indicate that the contested land was acquired by Kalisa in 2007 for shs20m.

The ownership dispute revolves around conflicting claims, with Kalisa purchasing the land from the former owner in 2007. Another group, identifying as the children and grandchildren of the late Kibi Paul and led by Deborah Nagadiya and Kiwewa Barton, emerged with land titles, challenging Kalisa's ownership. Legal proceedings were initiated, but the situation escalated before a resolution could be reached.

 In a violent clash, items, food, utensils, and structures were destroyed, and locals allegedly killed more individuals. Sobi's body was recovered with cut wounds on the leg and neck. The clash involved two groups, where Sobi's group was reportedly hired to protect the land by Kiweewa, Nabakka, and Nagadya against a counter-group hired by Kalisa.

Gomba Police promptly responded, restoring order to the area. Sobi's body was conveyed to Gomba Hospital Mortuary for a post-mortem examination, while detectives at Kanoni police station continued their inquiries. Three confirmed injuries were reported, including Katumba Gerald, Mateka Andrew, and Aliyu Dela.

Sobi gained notoriety as a self-proclaimed robber and killer, leading a gang involved in criminal activities in Kampala. Despite arrests and convictions of his gang members, Sobi frequently secured bail. His criminal history includes leadership in the Kifeesi gang, leading to his assimilation into the ISO by former director general Kaka Bagyenda. In recent years, Sobi seemingly transitioned to a quieter existence on Lwamayuba island in Kalangala, until his arrest in November 2021 for attempting to raid a village in Wakiso District.


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