HENRY KATANGA MURDER: Katanga Niece Pens Painful Letter to Museveni


Marjorie Nyangweso, the niece of the late Kampala businessman Henry Katanga, has penned a heartfelt letter to President Yoweri Museveni, imploring him to intervene and ensure justice for her uncle, who was tragically murdered on November 2, 2023, in his residence in Mbuya, Kampala.

In the open letter, Nyangweso, daughter of the late Maj Gen Francis Nyangweso, expressed concern about the ongoing case, which has resulted in a charged atmosphere between the families of Molly Katanga (the deceased's wife) and the deceased. Molly Katanga has been charged with the murder of her husband, and the legal proceedings have sparked accusations of interference and influence-peddling from both sides.

Nyangweso outlined in her letter that the bereaved family has faced threats and oppression since the murder, and she raised alarms about potential risks to her life. She alleged that authorities in law enforcement and the military have attempted to control their grieving process, emphasizing the demand for silence while the narrative surrounding Henry Katanga's death has been manipulated.

The niece further claimed that some law enforcement officers may have been bribed in connection with the case, with alleged involvement of individuals close to President Museveni. Nyangweso questioned whether the proximity to the President grants power to individuals to act with impunity and if the systems in place favour the rich and well-connected. ""One of the many things told to us, is that someone from 'above' is annoyed by our relentless effort for justice and our tireless request that the prime suspect be detained like all other suspects. To us as a family, our 1st 'above' is God, and one thing I am certain of is that God cannot be annoyed with our efforts because He is a just God, so I beg to ask, Your Excellency, are you annoyed that we won't give up on our quest for justice? If not, please be aware that your good name is being used..... to stifle and delay justice by all means possible." Marjorie wondered: "Does such proximity to Your Excellency extend power to people to do as they please? Do the systems you have put in place only favour the rich and most well connected? If it is so, we beg that we be told explicitly so that we can start to gather the shards of our tattered hearts with shame, shame that we even dared to try and trust the systems of this government."

Legal experts consulted on the matter emphasized that mobilizing political forces to interfere with a court case is uncalled for and may be considered sub judice. They also clarified that the President cannot interfere in a court case, as the judiciary is an independent arm of the state.

Nyangweso expressed frustration with the perceived impunity from the aggressor's camp, highlighting instances of undermining court orders and malicious attacks against those supporting the bereaved family. She called attention to the undermining of a court order for Molly Katanga to appear in court, citing medical examinations being conducted outside the court's jurisdiction. However, Marjorie said their journey in search of justice has been "punctuated by so much impunity from the camp of the aggressor, a show of the power of money and influence, behaviour that has further aggrieved us and placed more questions than answers on the state of our case and the justice system of this Country."

She added: "This all began at the undermining of the court order on where to bury my Uncle, the malicious attacks to the persons that have stood in the gap to lend us their support (these persons being in-laws, relatives, family friends and well wishers) because the strategy is to isolate us to grieve until we tire and they walk away scot-free, broad day bribing of all and sundry to do the bidding of the aggressor, bluntant undermining of a court order by the prime suspect to show up at court yet the suspect can be wheeled off to "have medical examinations done" away from the facility they are aboard.

While Molly Katanga's lawyers claim she is still hospitalized due to injuries sustained from an alleged attack by her departed husband, legal proceedings against other suspects, including Katanga's daughter, Patricia Kakwanza, and house helper George Amanyire, continue.

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