FORMER SPEAKERS VEHICLE BONANZA! Kadaga secretly picks car from Parliament


The First Deputy Prime Minister and former Speaker, Rebecca Kadaga, has reportedly secretly taken possession of the vehicle allocated to her by Parliament on Monday. The vehicles, brand new Toyota Land Cruisers, were officially handed over by the current Speaker of Parliament, Anita Among, as part of the provisions outlined in the recently enacted Parliamentary Pensions Act.

The beneficiaries of this gesture included notable figures such as Edward Ssekandi, Prof. Edward Rugumayo, Al Hajji Moses Kigongo, and Francis Butagira. However, during the official ceremony for the distribution of the vehicles, Kadaga, who served as the 9th and 10th Speaker of Parliament, was conspicuously absent, leading to speculation about her acceptance of the offer.

Inside sources have now disclosed that Kadaga indeed received her vehicle, with her driver, Dominic Kityamo, and Personal Assistant, Joseph Ssali, reportedly picking up the allocated car on Monday afternoon.

The controversy surrounding these vehicles, which reportedly cost taxpayers Shs2.5 billion, has ignited public outrage, with many questioning the country's priorities. Critics argue that it is inappropriate for Parliament to allocate funds for these expensive cars at a time when the nation faces pressing challenges such as deteriorating roads and inadequate health facilities.

Despite the public backlash, Speaker Among defended the decision, stating on Monday, "As representatives of the Government of Uganda, it is our responsibility to ensure your well-being. You are the property of the Parliament... We have to look after you." Among also announced that emeritus Speakers will receive new cars every five years, with taxpayers covering the costs of fuel, maintenance, and driver salaries.

The allocation of luxurious vehicles to former Speakers has sparked a broader conversation about government spending priorities and fiscal responsibility, raising concerns about whether such expenses align with the urgent needs of the nation.

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