Former Parliament Speakers Set to Receive New Cars Every 5 Years


During a recent announcement, Speaker of Parliament, Anitah Among, revealed a new initiative wherein former Speakers will receive updated vehicles every five years, courtesy of Parliament. In the course of the vehicle handover ceremony, Among underscored that the expenses related to fuel, maintenance, and driver salaries would be covered by Ugandan taxpayers.

Among clarified that individuals receiving the vehicles should bring their own drivers, who would be recruited as Parliamentary staff, with Parliament covering associated expenses. Furthermore, she emphasized that while the cars would be property of the Ugandan government, Parliament would assume responsibility for their maintenance and fuel needs.

In elaborating on the program, Among stated, "Parliament is committed to providing a new car every five years to the recipients. Alternatively, if any issues arise with the vehicle during this period, it can be returned, and a replacement will be provided. As representatives of the Government of Uganda, it is our duty to ensure your well-being."

Prominent figures such as Al Haji Moses Kigongo, Edward Kiwanuka Ssekandi, Rebecca Kadaga, and Prof. Edward Rugumayo were highlighted as notable beneficiaries of this vehicle distribution initiative.

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