Elder Brother Kills Younger Sibling Over Shs4000

In a heart-wrenching incident that shook Kibandaya village in Bundibugyo District, the tranquility of Kaghughu parish was shattered on Thursday morning as a family dispute over Shs4000 escalated into a fatal tragedy. The fallout resulted in the death of both brothers, Kule Mutokwa, aged 30, and Jackson Thembo, aged 22.

The dispute unfolded when Kule Mutokwa accused his younger brother, Jackson Thembo, of stealing Shs4000 from his savings. The confrontation turned violent, with Kule wielding a machete that claimed Jackson's life.

Chairperson Timothy Kighoma of Kaghughu parish recounted the somber aftermath, stating that local police intervened to assess the situation and permitted the family to proceed with the burial of the two brothers. The grieving family faced an additional shock when Muthokwa, the accused elder brother, fled into a nearby bush after issuing threats against his brother's life.

Despite attempts to evade the conflict, Muthokwa pursued Jackson, leading to an ambush that tragically resulted in the younger brother's death. The police's arrival allowed for the brothers' swift burial, offering a measure of closure for the grieving family.

Charles Baluku, the Kaghughu parish councilor, condemned the resort to mob justice in the community's response to the incident. He urged adherence to the rule of law and highlighted the possibility of Muthokwa's actions being influenced by drugs.

"Having two family members die in our village in one day is a heartbreaking tragedy. Although we condemn acts of mob justice, we have to consider the possibility that Muthokwa's actions were influenced by drugs," said Baluku, acknowledging the destructive consequences associated with substance abuse.

Mary Ithungu, a local resident, asserted that Muthokwa had been a known drug addict in the area, shedding light on a potential contributing factor to the tragic events that unfolded in Kibandaya village.

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