Deadly Panga Gang Attack Leaves One Dead and Three Injured in Hoima

 Residents of Nyakaihura village in Kyabanati Parish, Buraru sub-county, Hoima district, find themselves gripped by fear and panic following a recent attack by a gang. The assault resulted in the tragic death of Mary Pasca, 32, while three others, Ntegeka Kusima (18), Ronald Odaga (21), and Harriet Mongeni (17), sustained severe injuries.

Ntegeka recounts the harrowing experience, explaining that as he approached his grandmother's home, he discovered the assailants lying in wait. Despite sounding an alarm for help, he was swiftly attacked, sustaining cuts to his hand, leg, and head. Ronald Odaga, another victim, shares a similar tale of being ambushed while walking home, suffering injuries to his chest and arm. Harriet Mongeni, who is now hospitalized, reports being attacked and cut on the head by the assailants.

During the attack, the assailants also stole Ronald Odaga's cell phone before fleeing, prompting him to raise an alarm that drew the attention of some residents. The incident unfolded on the night of December 14, 2023, around 10 pm, according to eyewitnesses.

Festus Kwesiga, the village chairman, discloses that Mary Pasca, the deceased, was ambushed as she approached Nyakaihuta trading

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