Catholic Church Declines to Pray for Sobi


In a funeral marked by controversy and drama, the Catholic Church in Bukunda, Masaka, has declined to hold prayers for the notorious self-confessed criminal Paddy Sserunjoji, widely known as Sobi. Sobi met his demise on Monday, December 18, in a botched land eviction operation.

Despite being a professed believer, the Catholic Church has reportedly refused to conduct a funeral mass for the deceased at his final resting place.

Relatives of Sobi had sought the services of the Catholic Church for a funeral mass, as is customary in many religious ceremonies. However, they were met with a surprising denial from church leaders, who claimed not to have any plans to hold a mass for the deceased, despite his religious affiliation.

This decision has left Sobi's family and friends bitter, arguing that he deserved prayers and acknowledgment for his service to the nation, despite his criminal past.

Onlookers who have gathered to witness the burial expressed varied sentiments, with many stating that their attendance was not driven by sympathy but rather curiosity. Sobi's notoriety had reached far and wide through television interviews and social media, prompting a considerable turnout of individuals eager to catch a glimpse of the man who had become a controversial figure in the public eye.

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