Bobi Wine Fires Mathias Mpuuga as LoP

 In a surprising twist within the ranks of the National Unity Platform (NUP), Mathias Mpuuga has been dropped from his position as Leader of Opposition (LOP), ending his two-and-a-half-year tenure. The decision, which comes amid simmering tensions and accusations, paves the way for Joel Ssenyonyi to assume the crucial role, with an official announcement expected tomorrow.

Mpuuga's term ended earlier this week, and during his tenure, he faced criticism from NUP supporters and prominent party figures, including party president Robert Kyagulanyi, widely known as Bobi Wine. Kyagulanyi accused Mpuuga and other Members of Parliament of supporting and passing legislation perceived as violating the human rights of gay individuals, further straining internal relations.

In a recent press briefing, Bobi Wine alleged that Members of Parliament had been bribed with UGX 100 million to pass a supplementary budget under Mpuuga's leadership as LOP. Persistent claims from party supporters and leaders have also labeled Mpuuga as a government mole, questioning his loyalty to the party.

During a BBC interview, Kyagulanyi hinted at internal challenges, stating, "In my party, I have people working with Museveni," a reference analysts believe was directed at Mpuuga, whom Bobi Wine has long suspected of having ties to the ruling National Resistance Movement (NRM).

Additional accusations against Mpuuga include alleged collaboration with security operatives to thwart a one-million-strong march for Bobi Wine from the airport to Kampala upon his return from South Africa. Mpuuga is also accused of aiding security in escorting Bobi Wine from the airport to his residence.

Analysts suggest that Mpuuga's intellectual prowess and perceived intelligence over Kyagulanyi may have led to his sidelining within the party.

Insiders reveal that Joel Ssenyonyi, a prominent figure within NUP, has been groomed by veteran politician Dr. Kizza Besigye to take on the role of Leader of Opposition. Ssenyonyi is believed to be aligned with Kyagulanyi's directives, making him a favored candidate for the position.

The leadership shake-up within NUP, orchestrated under the guidance of Dr. Besigye and other party leaders, marks a significant development as the party positions itself for future political challenges. As Joel Ssenyonyi emerges as the anticipated new face of the party in parliamentary proceedings, the political landscape in Uganda continues to witness intriguing shifts within its key players.

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