Bobi Wine: Anti-Homosexuality Bill Targeted Me and Opposition

Ugandan opposition leader Robert Kyagulanyi Sentamu, popularly known as Bobi Wine, has revealed in a recent interview in the UK that he believes the Anti-Homosexuality Bill was specifically crafted to target him and the political opposition in Uganda. This admission comes as part of his visit to the UK for a film festival, marking his first time on British soil in about a decade.

Bobi Wine's relationship with the UK had been strained after he released a song labeled as homophobic, leading to a ban on him. However, this ban was recently lifted, allowing him to visit the UK once again.

In the interview with the BBC, Bobi Wine expressed a transformation in his views on homosexuality, stating that he is now a changed man seeking to fight for an inclusive Uganda. He acknowledged his growth and transformation, emphasizing his commitment to being a leader known for respect and inclusivity.

"I wrote the lyrics and sang them, and I took responsibility. Certainly, we grow and we transform. I have always mentioned that I am a product of very many second chances, and I want to be known for a leader that is respectful, inclusive for everybody," he stated.

Bobi Wine went on to criticize President Yoweri Museveni, alleging that Museveni had "deliberately sponsored" the Anti-Homosexuality Act to target the opposition, including himself. This accusation sheds light on the political dynamics surrounding the controversial legislation in Uganda.

As Bobi Wine continues his visit to the UK, his remarks indicate a shift in his stance on LGBTQ+ issues and a desire for reconciliation with the United Kingdom.

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