Arua Man Wanted for Sacrificing Pregnant Wife in Grisly Ritual Murder

A manhunt is underway in Arua City for Isaac Adedri Ogui, who is accused of brutally murdering his pregnant wife, Sharon Enzaru, in a suspected ritual sacrifice. The Territorial Police in Arua have launched a search for Ogui following the disturbing incident that unfolded in October 2023.

Preliminary information available to the police suggests that Enzaru, who was expecting a baby at the time, was lured to the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC) by her husband and subsequently murdered on October 24, 2023. The grisly discovery was made days later when Enzaru's lifeless body was found, with some body parts, including the unborn baby, missing.

Enzaru and the unborn child were reportedly buried in a bush in Yuku village, Aruu territory, Ituri province, DRC. The shocking details of the incident came to light on November 14, 2023, leading to chaos between Enzaru's family and her husband after receiving information about her tragic fate.

Josephine Angucia, the West Nile Regional police spokesperson, issued a statement on Friday, explaining that the matter was reported to the police on November 17, 2023, when a relative of the deceased brought photographs of the deceased to the police station, identifying the victim as Sharon Enzaru.

"On 17th November 2023, at around 5:12 pm, one of the relatives of the deceased Sharon went to the police station with photographs of a dead person whom he identified as his missing sister Sharon Enzaru," Angucia stated.

Efforts to apprehend Isaac Adedri Ogui have proven challenging, as the suspect and his family members reportedly fled their residence in Kasua cell, Komite Ward Ayivu division, to an unknown location. The police are actively tracing their whereabouts.

The body of Sharon Enzaru was repatriated to Uganda on Thursday, and a post-mortem examination was conducted. The results revealed the alarming absence of both kidneys and part of the uterus from the deceased.

Marlon Avutia, the Mayor of Ayivu Division in Arua City, appealed for calm within the affected community as the police intensify efforts to locate and apprehend the suspect.

“I urge the affected community to remain calm, not to take the law into their hands, but instead share information widely on the whereabouts of the suspects,” Avutia emphasized. The community remains on edge as they await justice for Sharon Enzaru and her unborn child.

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