Army Court Martial Remands 31 Suspects Including Two Pastors Over Alleged Plot to Overthrow Ugandan Government


The Army Court Martial in Makindye has remanded a group of 31 individuals, including eight Uganda People’s Defense Forces (UPDF) soldiers, two pastors, and 21 civilians, over charges linked to an alleged plot to overthrow the legitimate government of Uganda.

The court martial, chaired by Brig Gen Freeman Robert Mugabe, convened on Wednesday to address the case that involves both military personnel and civilians. Among the implicated soldiers from the armoured brigade headquarters are Cpt Denish Oola Oyaa, Lt Benjamin Oduru, Warrant Officer 2 Oryek Sunday Jenaro, Sgt Bernard Morris Leku (also known as Peter Anguadia), Cpl John Elatu, Cpl Ronald Keuber, Cpl David Olal, and LCpl Moses Anyang.

The civilians named in the case include Judith Angwech and Simon Oyoma, both pastors, along with several individuals from various districts, including Daniel Owitti, Fabio Ocen, Muhammad Ijosiga, Stanley Yiacia (Simple), Anthony Kamau Omacj, Joaquin Parm, Abdu Hakim Koloboka, Habibu Ezale, and Ssebi Keppo, among others.

The prosecution, represented by Lt Col Raphael Mugisha, Lt Alex Lasto Mukhwana, and Pte Regina Nanzala, informed the court that investigations are still ongoing and requested an adjournment to allow for further inquiries into the alleged plot.

As a result, the court remanded all 31 suspects to Luzira Prison until January 22, 2024, marking the date for the next round of proceedings. The seriousness of the charges and the involvement of military personnel have heightened concerns, and the case is closely watched as developments unfold in the investigations.

The alleged plot to overthrow the government raises questions about national security and the potential implications of such activities. The court proceedings will play a crucial role in determining the facts surrounding the case and the level of involvement of each accused individual. The situation will undoubtedly be followed closely by the public and authorities alike as the legal process unfolds in the coming weeks.

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