109-Year-Old Woman Stabbed to Death by 110-Year- Old Husband For Denying Him Conjugal Rights


A peaceful evening in Kahunga Parish in Ntungamo district turned into a scene of horror as 109-year-old Bakasisa Constansio was brutally stabbed to death by her 110-year-old husband, Babiiha Dominic, in their shared residence.

On the evening of 14/12/2023, after supper, the suspect allegedly requested his wife to join him in his bedroom. However, Constansio, feeling weak and unwell with a cough, declined the request. They retired to their separate rooms, Constansio accompanied by two great-grandchildren.

The following morning at 0700 hours, the suspect raised an alarm, expressing a refusal to "die alone." When Constansio's 10-year-old great-granddaughter investigated, she witnessed the suspect armed with a makeshift weapon resembling a panga (Oruhabyo). The suspect then forcibly entered Constansio's room, repeatedly stabbing her.

The distressed great-granddaughter sought help from neighbors, who arrived to find Constansio already deceased. The suspect, Babiiha Dominic, locked himself in his room and was later found unconscious with an agrochemical bottle beside him.

Upon notification, the police responded swiftly, rushing the unconscious suspect to Itojo Hospital for medical attention. The crime scene was meticulously documented, and the murder weapon was recovered.

Initial investigations indicate that the act of violence was a result of the denial of conjugal rights. The couple, married and residing in the same house, chose to sleep in separate rooms. Police condemns all forms of violence and urges the public to seek nonviolent means to resolve conflicts.

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