Madagascar heads to polls amidst opposition boycott


Madagascar heads to polls amid opposition boycott

In the midst of an opposition boycott, Madagascar is witnessing its citizens engaging in early voting on Thursday as part of a presidential election marked by the absence of participation from 10 out of 12 opposition candidates and overshadowed by weeks of turbulent protests. 

Despite the implementation of a nighttime curfew, the capital displayed minimal security presence as polling stations commenced operations.

The incumbent president, Andry Rajoelina, vying for a third term, faces criticism from prominent opposition figures, including two former presidents, who have deemed him unfit for candidacy and urged their supporters to refrain from participating in the electoral process. 

The opposition's plea for the postponement of the elections found resonance with the collective stance of Madagascar's four major Christian churches, which, on Wednesday, announced their decision not to observe the vote, citing an unfavorable political climate and a lack of established standards.

Anticipated provisional results are scheduled for release on November 24, adding a layer of suspense to the unfolding political scenario in Madagascar.

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