Liberians vote in tight presidential run-off

Liberians vote in tight presidential run-off

 Liberian citizens are casting their votes today in a closely contested presidential runoff election. The runoff is taking place between President George Weah and former vice president Joseph Boakai, as neither candidate secured the required 50% majority in the initial round.

President Weah, who is seeking re-election, has appealed to voters for additional time to fulfill his promises made during his first term, particularly in tackling corruption and improving living standards.

On the other hand, Boakai's campaign has focused on rescuing the country from what he perceives as mismanagement under Weah's administration, which has been marred by corruption scandals.

Both candidates have gained endorsements from contenders who were eliminated in the first round of voting.

As Liberian citizens exercise their democratic right, the outcome of this runoff election will determine the future leadership of the nation. #Liberia

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