Lady narrates how her friend set her up to be raped by three men at Nyege Nyege, She Revenges by hooking her up with a HIV positive uncle

A lady has shocked netizens by confessing on Snapchat how her friend set up to be raped by three men for shs1,000,000. Through a username dubbed Laika, she shares her heartbreaking story and reveals how she revenged on her friend. Read full story below;

 Hi Laika, please don't judge me, so I went to Nyege Nyege with my friend but we planned to get a tent but we reached wen they were expensive and we didn't have enough money,we reached there paid entrance fee, and we were in. Since tents were expensive, we decided whichever man we find looking for a girl to fuck we will go wth him. We bought our test kits and we were moving wth them in the back park. My frst night it reached 03:00 in the night nga tetunafunayo yadde atunyega ko, and I was tired, we drunk that ki UG I couldn't walk any more so I blacked out. I dnt remember anything else, I woke up the next day nga am sleeping somewhere near the water, I still had my bag and everything in it. But it seems I had lost my phone.

 I got up wth a headache I went into the water, cleaned up but as I was cleaning up i noticed some one may have cum on me, and my anus was bleeding. It hit me that I may have been raped while I was unconscious and it seemed like not by 1 person. I washed up carefully dressed up and went to a near by clinic, I was too scared to lie to the nurse so I told him the truth and thankfully the nurse was very understanding, he gave me medicine and he cleaned the bruises areas n he applied some cream that gave me instant relief. I used his phone to call my mum and she sent me 100k. 

I went back in the party and as I was walking around I found my friend wth some guys I had never seen before,And she was so happy to see me and she was the one wth my phone, I joined them and I was happy that I had gotten my phone back, we enjoyed the rest of Nyege Nyege and I didn't drink much after the frst experience, the guys were cool, they bought us food and they had a nice house in jinja town where we slept. Until we left When I got back I sent you a message asking for a PEP plug bcoz the doctor advised me to start on PEP and ThNk you for being kind to me, by the way

Kati munange we were looking for birthday cake designs using her phone and a message popped up on her phone asking do you wanna make more money?

I was like. Eeeehh more money, I tapped the message and it took me to that chat. Lynn nga my friend planned to take me to nyege nyege, got me drunk and sold me to a group of guys, they were 3 and they paid her 1m, and that was the money she was planning to use for her bd party.

2 of them loved anal and the other loves pussy, I got raped 3 times, then there were 2 pictures where one had their dick inside my pussy and another in my asshole. Yiiii Lynn abawala bazibu nyo

Anyway I didn't do anything I just kept quiet. I got so much rage inside me that I couldn't react

But I kept avoiding her, so I planned to revenge since she loves money so much, I have my uncle who loves young girls so much that he'd pay to have any girl given the chance. I told him to finance her birthday then I lied and said she was sick too but she was too scared to tell people.

So that cleared any form of confusion and doubt my uncle had, after the birthday, my uncle organized and took her to Aquarius, and fucked her, live, and some how he convinced her that he likes wanking off her pussy pics and he wanted one pic where he had his dick inside her, stupid girl also accepted nga tamanyi nti they recorded a video.

The problem is I feel bad, I feel like I should tell her so she can start on PEP but wat keeps breaking my heart is she doesn't feel any sort of remorse towards wat she did to me probably bcoz she doesn't know that I know Teyekuba na mumutima wadde.

I did everything out of anger, and rage but now am regretting it. What do your followers think?



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  1. So for
    You due to the fact that you were rapped how comfortable are you that you don’t have HIV

  2. Please tell your friend.The good thing is that you got PEP.So let her also get PEP.I know she has learnt a lesson


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