Kenya's President Ruto one of four Africans on Time Magazine climate leaders list


Kenya's President Ruto one of four Africans on Time climate leaders list

Kenya's President, William Ruto, has been recognized by Time Magazine as one of the prominent figures worldwide who are actively shaping global climate action. 

In a noteworthy event, President Ruto recently spearheaded a national holiday dedicated to planting a staggering 100 million trees within a single day. 

Time Magazine's selection process for this prestigious list focused on individuals who have made substantial advancements in combating climate change while simultaneously generating business value.

By undertaking these commendable environmental endeavors, President Ruto aims to bolster his reputation on an international scale, given the growing emphasis on climate-related issues within the global community. 

Additionally, he seeks to enhance his credibility within his own country, where he faces criticism. This motivation to enhance his standing is also evident in his involvement in Sudan peace initiatives. 

President Ruto's inclusion on Time Magazine's climate leaders list serves as a testament to his commitment and influence in driving climate action, not only in Kenya but throughout Africa as well.

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