Death toll from Somalia floods nears 100

The death toll from the catastrophic floods wreaking havoc in Somalia has surged to nearly 100, with close to two million people affected, according to an announcement by the country's cabinet on Thursday.

Somalia, alongside other nations in the Horn of Africa, is contending with relentless rains and flash floods, further compounding the challenges it faces as it emerges from a crippling drought that pushed millions to the brink of famine.

Earlier this month, the Somali government declared a state of emergency in response to the unfolding flood disaster, which has forced approximately 700,000 people from their homes, submerging entire neighborhoods, farmland, and eroding critical infrastructure like bridges.

In a statement released after a briefing by the National Disaster Management Agency, the cabinet reported that the death toll had reached around 96, and nearly two million people have been severely affected by the widespread flooding. The statement underscored the federal government's ongoing efforts to assist those impacted by the floods, urging humanitarian agencies and the Somali public to contribute to relief efforts.

The torrential rainfall, attributed to the El Niño weather phenomenon, is projected to persist until at least April of the following year. The Horn of Africa remains one of the regions most susceptible to climate change, experiencing extreme weather events with heightened frequency and intensity.

According to the UN's humanitarian agency, OCHA, neighboring Ethiopia and Kenya have also witnessed casualties due to flooding, and aid organizations caution that the situation is likely to deteriorate further.

The region has recently emerged from the grips of the worst drought in four decades, marked by multiple failed rainy seasons that left millions in dire need and led to substantial losses in crops and livestock. The ongoing challenges underscore the vulnerability of the Horn of Africa to the impacts of climate change, highlighting the urgent need for comprehensive disaster preparedness and mitigation strategies in the face of increasingly unpredictable weather patterns.

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