Rwanda Genocide Suspect Arrested in Netherlands


Rwanda Genocide Suspect Arrested in Netherlands

A Rwandan genocide suspect has been apprehended in the Netherlands, according to Dutch prosecutors. 

The individual in question, Pierre-Claver Karangwa, a former Rwandan military official, is believed to have played a role in the 1994 Rwandan genocide. 

The arrest was made as part of a Dutch investigation into Karangwa's involvement in the genocide. 

This investigation was initiated after the Dutch Supreme Court ruled in June of this year that Karangwa could not be extradited to Rwanda due to concerns about an unfair trial. 

The Rwandan government has accused Karangwa of having a significant role in the mass killing of approximately 30,000 Tutsis in Mugina parish, near the capital city of Kigali, in April 1994. 

They had requested his extradition in 2012. During a court hearing regarding his potential extradition in December 2022, Karangwa maintained his innocence and denied the accusations against him. 

The arrest of Karangwa highlights the ongoing efforts to bring those responsible for the Rwandan genocide to justice.

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