Malian army and Rebels report dozens Killed in clash


Malian army and Rebels report dozens Killed in clash

The Mali army and Tuareg rebels clashed in the northern town of Bourem on Tuesday. Both sides reported casualties in the fighting. This is a sign that a 2015 peace deal between the government and rebels is falling apart. 

The rebel coalition known as CMA has been battling government forces since August. The Malian military said it repelled a CMA attack near Bourem and 10 of its soldiers were killed. It claimed 46 rebel fighters died during the operation. 

The CMA reported 9 of its fighters lost their lives and estimated they killed around 97 government troops. The rebels said they attacked 4 army camps in the Bourem area. They seized vehicles, weapons and ammunition before withdrawing from one camp they briefly took control of. 

The clashes show the deterioration of the situation in northern Mali as conflict grows between the military and Tuareg rebels once again after years of on-and-off fighting in the region.

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