CAR exiled former President sentenced to life imprisonment


CAR exiled former President sentenced to life imprisonment

Former Central African Republic (CAR) president, Francois Bozizé, who is currently living in exile, has been given a life sentence by a court in the capital city, Bangui. 

The 76-year-old, who now leads a rebel coalition supported by France (although the coalition lacks organization and is falling apart), was found guilty in absentia of charges such as rebellion and compromising national security. 

The court did not provide specific details regarding the time period or specific crimes involved. In addition to Bozizé, more than 20 other individuals, including two of his sons, were also convicted in absentia. 

Bozizé initially took control of the CAR in 2003 but was ousted ten years later, which triggered a devastating civil war resulting in the deaths of thousands of people. Currently, Bozizé resides in Guinea-Bissau.

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