ZOMBO: Alur King reshuffles cabinet to drive progress


His Majesty Phillip Olarker Rauni III, the Alur King, has introduced a fresh lineup of eleven members in the Ker Alur cabinet, aiming to execute a strategic plan spanning the next decade.

 Prince Lawrence Opar Angala has been appointed Prime Minister, Vincent Ochaya Orach will serve as Kingdom Executive Director, Michael Anewa takes on the role of Minister for Finance and Planning, Coleens Pimer assumes the position of Minister for Gender, John Paskal Wapokra is designated Minister for Lands and Production, Dr. Amos Nyathirombo becomes Minister for Health, Bob Opio will hold the portfolio for Culture and Legal Affairs, Juliet Umika is entrusted with Tourism and Hospitality, Steven Cwinya-ai takes charge of Security, Odongo Emilio is designated Minister without Portfolio, and Sarah Akello is appointed Minister for Education. 

The King unveiled this arrangement during a press conference held at his palace in Atyak Wi-Nam, Zombo District. He emphasized their commitment to enhancing education and healthcare, among other focal points.

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