Woman Attempts to Kill her Three children


Woman Attempts to Kill her Three children

A mother in Kisugu, Jennifer Nambiru, attempted to kill her three children, aged 7, 6, and 2, by setting fire to her house and locking them inside. 

This incident occurred around 8:20 pm in the Upper Lake Side Zone Kisugu Parish, Makindye division. The police reported that Nambiru's actions were motivated by domestic violence she had been enduring from her husband, Bululu Moses.

 This issue had previously been addressed by local leaders and was under investigation by the Child and Family Protection Unit of Kisugu. The Uganda Bureau of Statistics found that a significant percentage of married women in the country experience physical and sëxual violence. 

The children's cries for help alerted neighbors, who called for assistance and prevented further harm. Fire and rescue services arrived promptly to ensure the safety of the victims and prevent more damage. Nambiru fled the scene and is currently being sought by Kabalagala Police station for investigation and legal action.

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