What is known at the moment, The evolving Niger situation


The situation continues to evolve, so we will briefly list what is known at the moment.

▪️The halting of uranium and gold shipments from Niger to France could be seen as retaliation for "years of brutality" against Africans by Paris, said Erdoğan.

▪️ Orano, a French company engaged in uranium mining in Niger, announced that it will continue operations despite the evacuation of French citizens. The company said that 99% of its employees are Niger's nationals and operations continue.
▪️ The US is not planning to evacuate its citizens from Niger, it sees no threat to them, the White House said.
The US has 1,000 military personnel in Niger and has no plans to involve them in the evacuation of foreigners or to send additional forces to the region.

▪️Italian Foreign Minister ruled out Western military intervention in Niger, said it would be perceived as a "new colonization".

▪️Italy's Foreign Minister also saw no Rüssian trace in Niger coup. There is no evidence of Mosców's involvement in organizing the rebellion, he said.

▪️ Niger declared Thursday, August 3, as Independence Day.

▪️Broadcasting of French radio station RFI (Radio France Internationale) and TV channel France24 in Niger was stopped.

▪️Rebels in Niger denounced military agreements with France. There are 1,500 French military personnel stationed in Niger who were sent there to fight terrorism in the region.

▪️President Bazoum, who was overthrown by the rebels, asked the US and the international community in his Washington Post column to help restore order.

▪️On August 6, the ultimatum that ECOWAS gave to the rebels expires. According to it, if President Bazoum is not released, ECOWAS will launch a military intervention.

▪️ECOWAS has drawn up a plan for possible military intervention in Niger, including the order and timing of force deployment, Reuters reported.

A War in Africa ??

The militaries of several #ECOWAS members have agreed on a plan for military intervention in  #Niger and are waiting for a final political decision, a senior official of the bloc said.

However, #BurkinaFaso and #Mali have said that an ECOWAS incursion into Niger will be taken as a declaration of war against them as well.

FYI - A citizen of Niger is called Nigerian. A citizen of Nigeria is also called Nigerian. 

So it's Nigerian vs Nigerian.

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