Tinubu responds to criticism about Niger intervention



Nigeria's President, Bola Tinubu, has addressed the backlash regarding the decision to potentially intervene militarily in Niger. He clarified that the choice, along with the ultimatum to reinstate Niger's ousted president, was made by the Ecowas regional bloc and not solely by Nigeria.

Tinubu's spokesperson further explained that the economic sanctions imposed on Niger were enacted by Ecowas. Initially, Ecowas had indicated a preference for resolving the conflict through diplomatic and political means.

Former Niger rebel have formed a movement to reinstate deposed president Bazoum

Rhissa Ag Boula, a former rebel leader and political figure in Niger, has established a political group called the Council of Resistance for the Republic (CRR). The purpose of this movement, as stated in a release, is to work towards restoring Mohamed Bazoum, the president who was ousted, to his position through international collaborative efforts aimed at reestablishing constitutional order in Niger.

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