The opposition in Gabon is infuriated by the alteration of voting regulations prior to the elections.


 Ahead of the upcoming presidential elections in Gabon, the leading opposition parties, united behind a single candidate to challenge Ali Bongo Ondimba, are expressing strong displeasure due to sudden alterations in the voting regulations. In response to the last-minute changes, the opposition has urged a boycott of the legislative elections.

Former education minister Albert Ondo Ossa, backed by the Alternance 2023 opposition coalition, aims to unseat Bongo, whose family has held power for over five decades. However, the Gabonese electoral commission's recent decision that a vote for a local deputy would also count as a vote for that deputy's presidential candidate has been criticized for favoring the ruling Gabonese Democratic Party.

Ondo Ossa has previously stated his intention to dissolve the parliament and organize fresh elections if he attains the presidency.

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