Senegal expels Ousmane Sonko's French lawyer from the country


Juan Branco, a French-Spanish lawyer, who was arrested in Dakar on Sunday due to his involvement in recent protests in Senegal, was released on Monday with judicial supervision and then deported, according to authorities and his legal representatives.

Branco, who entered Senegal without authorization a few days prior, aiming to support opposition figure Ousmane Sonko's defense despite an arrest warrant against him, got apprehended on Friday in Mauritania after several days of search. Subsequently, he was handed over to Senegalese authorities and detained on Sunday on multiple charges.

"The Minister of the Interior has ordered his expulsion. He's expected to leave Senegal in the coming hours," stated Senegal's Minister of Justice.

Branco gained significant attention when he filed a complaint against Senegalese President Macky Sall for "crimes against humanity" in France in June.

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