Police impounds atleast 1000 vehicles in poor mechanical condition


Police impounds atleast 1000 vehicles in poor mechanical condition

More than a thousand vehicles in unsafe mechanical conditions have been confiscated by the traffic police in Kampala, Uganda, this month to decrease the occurrence of road accidents.

 The vehicles' number plates have been removed until owners fix their cars and demonstrate proof of repairs. Drivers are instructed to take their vehicles to garages for rectification before undergoing inspection by the Inspector of Vehicles (IOV) to regain their number plates. 

This initiative aims to address the role of mechanically unsafe vehicles in causing accidents on Ugandan roads, where recent incidents have resulted in casualties. Hope for Victims of Traffic Accidents (HOVITA), a road safety group, suggests expanding the definition of dangerous vehicles to include those with illegal additions like bull-bars. 

Statistics from 2022 indicate a 40% rise in vehicles involved in accidents, and recent data reveals a significant number of deaths from road crashes, especially among bodaboda riders, passengers, and pedestrians.

 The police are also tackling the issue of speeding on the Entebbe Expressway, where numerous fatal crashes have occurred, leading to public demands for intervention. Additionally, 36 drivers have been arrested for driving under the influence.

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