Ninety-four French senators composed an open letter addressed to Macron, discussing the decline of Paris's influence in Africa.


A group of 94 French senators penned a letter to Macron discussing the decline of French influence in Africa. The letter highlighted instances of countries like Niger, Mali, CAR, and Burkina Faso distancing themselves from French forces and enterprises. 

Le Figaro newspaper reported the senators' concerns, also mentioning that countries such as Ivory Coast, Senegal, Algeria, Tunisia, and Morocco were posing challenges for France. 

The letter pointed out the arrival of the Wagner Group in Africa after the unsuccessful French military intervention in 2014. It noted that this Rüssian military presence was focusing on countries where leaders rallied their populations against their former colonial ruler. 

The senators expressed that the once close relationship between France and Africa was changing, with Rüssia's military influence, China's economic impact, and America's diplomatic engagement shaping the continent. 

The senators concluded that Africa's attitude towards France was shifting, leading to increased doubts about France's role and influence on the continent. #France #Africa

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