Nandala Mafabi Speaks on 300million he gave to Besigye


After receiving 300 million shillings, he gave it to his brother who works as a moneylender in town. This led to the money being converted into dollars. The situation involves a complex story. From my understanding, Besigye's actions seem to stem from jealousy towards Amuriat, whom he believed couldn't lead the party effectively, and his actions are driven by ill intentions. It's unfortunate that the actions are being carried out with such negativity.

To clarify, he wasn't among the original founders of the FDC party. He was actually in South Africa when the party was initiated. He joined later, and his claims of being a founding member or party father don't align with the facts. I urge Ugandans to resist his influence. Although we once considered him a good person, he has shown a darker side now.

Besigye's behavior appears to be driven by selfishness and jealousy. When he left the party, he likely hoped for its failure, but seeing the party's progress since then has unsettled him. It's contradictory for him to accuse Museveni of manipulating the Constitution while he himself is violating the FDC's own constitution. Besigye tends to resort to force and seems to have an inflated sense of his importance in the FDC.

If we were to reveal the sources of his funding, it could potentially cause significant turmoil in the country. Besigye's actions lack sincerity and seem to be motivated by negative intentions. His efforts at Katonga Road were likely aimed at gaining control of the party.


Nandala Mafabi

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