Libya's High State Council Votes to Replace their leader


Libya's High State Council (HSC) voted to replace its leader, Khaled al-Meshri, with Mohammed Takala in a run-off by 67 votes to 62. 

This development adds uncertainty to the political standoff over government control and the way to hold elections. 

The HSC, based in Tripoli, has a significant role in political matters based on a 2015 agreement and has been negotiating with the House of Representatives, located in the country's east, to find a path to elections under U.N. pressure. 

Both bodies have been aiming to replace the interim government in Tripoli before conducting any national vote.

The High Council of State in Libya has elected a new president, Mohammad Takala, which could complicate the country's efforts to restart its political process. 

Takala won against the incumbent, Khaled al-Meshri, and his election might bring about changes in political alliances, as he is a close associate of interim Prime Minister Abdul Hamid Dbeibah. This development could have implications for Libya's political landscape. #Libya 

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