KANUNGU: Man Arrested for Horrific Abuse and Rãpe of Student


Police in Kanungu District are currently holding a 28-year-old man on serious charges related to the abuse of Nahabwe Travor, a student and resident of Butogota Rutwe cell, Southern ward, Butogota town council, in Kanungu District.


The suspect, identified as Akim Kamugisha, aged 28, resides in Butogota Rutwe cell, Southern ward, Butogota town council, Kanungu District.


ASP Elly Maate, the Kigezi Region police spokesperson told journalists today, providing disturbing details of the incident. Allegedly, the suspect befriended Nahabwe Travor, a student, and took him to a bar where he bought him three bottles of Guinness. After consuming alcohol, they went to the suspect’s home, where Nahabwe was forcibly sodōmized while the suspect recorded a video clip of the act.


The suspect threatened Nahabwe, warning him not to disclose the incident to anyone, including his parents or the media. He even threatened to harm Nahabwe if he dared to reveal the truth.


Maate further revealed that the suspect lured another person, identified as Iragaba Brendan, a 20-year-old resident of the same area, into a similar situation. The suspect claimed to have secured a job for Brendan at Amber Heart of Great Singer Baby Cool. The suspect provided Brendan with 50k for transport, supposedly to travel to Amber Heart.


However, when Brendan went to meet the suspect at his home, he found himself in a dangerous situation as the suspect attempted to forcefully sodömize him. Fortunately, Brendan managed to escape the ordeal and later discovered that Nahabwe had also been a victim of the same suspect. Shocked and concerned, Brendan confronted Nahabwe about his association with the suspect, only to learn about the traumatic experiences Nahabwe had endured.


The case of these heinous acts was reported to the police on 28/07/2023, leading to the immediate arrest of the suspect. On the 3rd of August 2023, the suspect was brought before the court to face multiple charges, including Aggravated trafficking in persons, trafficking in persons, Råpe, and attempted Rãpe. He has been remanded to Kanungu prison until the 17th of August 2023 for mention.


It is essential to remember that these allegations are still under investigation, and the suspect is presumed innocent until proven guilty in a court of law. The authorities are working diligently to ensure justice is served for the victims, and the community remains vigilant against such reprehensible acts.

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