Fire Prevented at Greenhill Junior School in Mityana District


On August 8th, 2023, the Mityana Police Fire Brigade effectively managed to contain a fire outbreak at Greenhill Junior School situated in Bbuye-Kikumbi LC Busimbi Division within Mityana Municipality.

The incident was noticed by authorities around 6:20 PM on the same day. The fire brigade promptly responded and arrived at the school premises without delay.

Thanks to the swift action of the fire brigade, the fire was quickly put out, avoiding a disastrous outcome. The fire was limited to a four-room building designated as a boys' dormitory. Although one of the rooms (8x8 feet) suffered significant damage, the other three rooms remained unharmed.

The room most affected by the fire contained wooden beds, mattresses, clothes, books, basins, and personal belongings. Thankfully, no injuries or deaths were reported despite the damage to these items.

Preliminary investigations indicate that an electrical short circuit probably caused the fire. 

School authorities are encouraged to proactively enhance safety on their premises. Installing fire extinguishers strategically is highly advised to effectively handle such emergencies. Furthermore, schools are reminded to engage licensed electricians for any electrical work to minimize potential risks.


SP Racheal Kawala

Public Relations Officer - Wamala Region

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