Around 20 individuals lost their lives in Burkina Faso due to an assault believed to have been carried out by suspected jihadists.


The incident took place in Nohao, close to Bittou, a town located in the Center-East region that shares a border with Togo. A security official stated that approximately 20 people, primarily shopkeepers, were killed in the attack. 

Additionally, a trader reported a higher casualty count of 25 individuals and indicated that more than fifteen transport trucks were looted and subsequently set ablaze by the attackers. 

Another vendor mentioned that ten individuals were injured and taken to Bittou for treatment. These victims were returning from Cinkans√©, a trading hub near the Togo border, after visiting the market. 

Another attack, occurring on the previous Thursday at approximately 6 p.m., targeted a convoy transporting goods.

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