A security officer has been taken into custody for allegedly orchestrating a series of robberies within the city.


Security guard Ben Okello has been apprehended by the Police Flying Squad Unit in Kampala for allegedly orchestrating a series of armed robberies in Makindye Ssabagabo Municipality.

 Okello, who had been wanted for stealing a gun from two private security guards on July 31, 2023, and another incident earlier in May, was found to have stolen a gun from Time Cop Security 

guards at a sports recreation center. Acting on a tip-off, the Flying Squad, along with Kajjansi Police, arrested Okello at Chogm trading center, recovering the concealed firearm he had hidden in his white tunic. Investigators determined that Okello had used a trick to steal the gun from a guard in a previous incident. 

Prior to these events, he had also stolen a gun from a security guard at Forest Resort Hotel. Although he was initially charged for firearm theft, he was released on bail. The police spokesperson, Fred Enanga, emphasized the threat posed by criminals with illegal firearms to the community and stated that Okello would face charges for stealing firearms, illegal possession, and attempted murder in court.

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